How To Thread Your Tweets


As you (probably!) already know, tweets are restrictive to 160 characters. While Twitter has introduced welcomed features like not counting images in the character count, it can still be difficult to get your point across in the limited number of letters. If you need to use a few tweets to tell a story, then threading the tweets means that others will be able to see the rest of the conversation.

So how do you do it?


Write and post your first tweet. Easy so far!


Tap the reply button to your first tweet. Some Twitter apps will include your username in there because you are replying to a tweet, so delete your username out and write your second tweet. (Don’t worry, your tweets will still be linked, deleting your name out just means you’ll have more characters to work with!)


Repeat as necessary!

Super simple to do, but works really well when you have a lot to say!

Hayley Constantine

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