How To Repost Images On Instagram


Sometimes on Instagram, there will be competitions that say “repost to win!” or someone else might have posted a pic that you want to share with your followers. Surprisingly, there isn’t a retweet style feature in Instagram at the moment, so how do you do it?

The simplest way is to take a screenshot of that Instagram page (or if your Twitter client displays Instagram images, you could save it from there), then post as a new image (which also allows you to crop out the rest of the screenshot.


Repost is a free app, with a pro version for £1.49. The pro version gives you the ability to like photos, follow other users and have no ads, so it might be useful if you have a separate Instagram account for your blog. Reposting images in this app puts a bar at the bottom of the image with the original posters username on – useful for your followers!

However, to repost any photos, you’ll need to be logged into your Instagram app with the same account as you are logged in with this app. (This app doesn’t actually allow you to post images directly to Instagram)

What other apps do you use to enhance your Instagram images/feed?

Hayley Constantine

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