Enter The Posh Fashion Awards!

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We thought we’d let you know about an awards event that’s taking place soon. It’s open to pretty much everyone and, well, we’ll just let Tolly Polly Posh tell you about it!


The Posh Fashion Awards are Blog Awards run by 13 year old blogger, Tolly Dolly Posh. After a quick thought the idea turned into an exciting venture which will benefit fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers. The Blog Awards will all be online so it will make it easy for bloggers/nominators to get involved. It is open worldwide and bloggers from the age of 10 can get involved!


The Posh Fashion Awards are being sponsored by such brands as Illamasqua, Sister Vintage, cutECOsmetics, Yan To and lots more! The Awards are being judged by Tolly Dolly Posh herself, Daniel Sandler (Celebrity & Well Known Make-Up Artist) and Natalie Wall (Online Fashion Editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine). If you are interested in nominating your favourite blogs and giving them a chance to WIN an Award, you can click here for more information, or click here to go straight to the nominating process!

Good Luck and make sure to vote for who you think really deserves it!

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