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We’ve been asked quite a bit lately what planners we use for our blog, and with the shops being full of so many choices at the moment (even after you’re done with education, September is always an exciting time of year where you feel like you have to buy all new stationery!) we thought it was a good time to put together a list of diaries almost too pretty to fill with blog plans!

Obviously, all planners are going to be different on the inside, so we’ve tried to get a few different types together for you…

Yellow Moleskine – from £10 including delivery

Moleskines are the easiest choice – they’re easily available and in recent years have been produced in colours other than the traditional black. This Moleskine shows a week to a page, and is viewable horizontally or vertically, so whichever suits you best.

Dearest Jackdaw / Louise Knight-Richardson
Rainbow leather wrap journal♦

We don’t have a price for this diary as the shop is currently on holiday but keep an eye out as it’s due to reopen “mid August” but the pretty colours of this journal caught our eye. The pages inside are blank, so you could use the colours as a way to categorise your posts.

London weekly desk planner – £8.99♦

If you want a planner that you can see at a glance on your desk, then this one would be perfect for you! The shop has other designs available if big red buses and the London Eye aren’t your thing!

Sugar Paper “Cabana” journal – £14.90

This is more of a journal than a planner, but having a day to a page (which you can choose the dates, ideal if you don’t want to commit to a structured diary!) can be useful, especially if you used it as a notebook to write in as well.

Minimal Weekly Planner – £4.99♦
Again, an undated diary, but this one has week and monthly views available, which are great for planning – no excuse to get your scheduling under control!

Anchors Ahoy Diary – £4.50♦
Over to Paperchase, and this tiny diary would be ideal for popping in your pocket to make sure you’re always able to get planning ahead!

The Gent Diary – £5.60♦
This cute recycled material diary isn’t just earth friendly, but also has more than enough space for your notes and thoughts. It’s a student diary so it has spaces for exam dates, etc, but you could use that section for planning about competitions, etc!

Lilly Pulitzer small agenda – $16.95, approx £10.14
If you’re a Lilly fan, then you’ll want to check out this eBay listing for a small agenda – you can see inside the diary on the Lilly Pulitzer♦ page if you need more tempting! Sure, you don’t need the expensive designer planner, but if it will encourage you to use it all the time, and you can afford it, why not!

If you want something that’s totally customisable to you, then you might want to check out this post where we looked at what sort of thing to include in a planner. Print off a few of these and pop them inside a pretty binder and you’ll have a planner that’s perfect for you and easy to adjust!

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