What Is VigLink?

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VigLink is a way to monetise your blog without having to manually generate affiliate links for each post. It works in a similar way to Skimlinks, but has a few extra features that could be really useful to bloggers.

The two items that change your blog links are VigLink Convert, and VigLink Insert. We especially like the way that FTC disclosure (since this is a US company) is built into the system to make sure the publisher (you, the blogger!) doesn’t fall foul of any regulations.

VigLink Anywhere is a way to generate links for your social media accounts. All you need to do is paste your link into the Anywhere section and it will generate a link for you to use across your networks. You can also choose to hide your link in a bit.ly link – but it’s still a good idea to disclose that to your readers.

VigLink Spotlight is a way to highlight the products mentioned in a blog post. This is a great way to make the products mentioned easy to find for your readers – and of course, that will help your affiliate earnings!

VigLink can generate affiliate links to sites like eBay, ASOS and Topshop – this is really good if you haven’t been accepted for rewardStyle.

Sign up to VigLink♦ – you should be ready to go within an hour! It’s easy to install, especially if you’re a self hosted WordPress user – you can just download their plugin. The instructions provided to install the plugin on Blogger are super clear as well. Remember, if you’re a WordPress.com user, you’re not able to use affiliate links on your blog. Payments are processed through Paypal

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