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Bonjour, Blogger! Review: Samsung Galaxy S6
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You’ve probably noticed that we tend to focus on iPhone reviews and products, so it has been a learning experience this week to be trialing out the Samsung Galaxy S6 from Three. They provided us with the phone for a week, along with a PAYG SIM card to be able to take full advantage of all the features of the phone.


The main thing we loved about this phone was the camera quality. We’ve taken some pictures for a review post using this phone, and were able to get some detailed close ups of the item that were pretty good.

The phone will automatically backup to your chosen location – we set it up so any photos and screenshots saved would be automatically sent to Dropbox when on a wifi connection. This made it super easy to edit the photos on a laptop – although the phone does have reasonably good editing built into the gallery app.

Many of the apps that we use on an iPhone/iPad were available on the Galaxy S6, so there was no problems there when using apps like Instagram, Twitter or WordPress. In fact, part of this post is being written in the WordPress app – super useful if you’re at an event and want to post about it while you’re there and can’t just pull out your computer!

It was easy to customise the phone to your own requirements – with different screens to flick between and being able to install widgets and shortcuts to favourite apps on there. You can also install new themes, which was a nice touch compared to the iPhone.

The keyboards were fast and responsive to use, and has something called haptic feedback built in. This means that as you’re typing, the phone vibrates slightly to tell you that you’ve typed on it correctly which can help you type easier on a virtual keyboard.

Another thing that was surprisingly useful was the settings dashboard. It was easy to figure out what setting would be found where, and things like the data usage information was really useful, especially if you’re not on an “all you can eat” data plan, like the one that Three provided us with.

One of our favourite apps was Google Now which somehow knew what we wanted to read and know about at that time. It could feel a little creepy at times (after reading an article about Fall Out Boy, that’s the only topic Google Now would send news articles about for a day or two!) but it was really useful at pulling out things like shipping notifications from our Gmail account – just a shame it didn’t seem to be able to do this from a few different Gmail/Google Apps accounts at the same time. Apparently Google Now is also available on iPhone – although some of the convenience of the app on Android is that it’s on your home screen already, rather than having to go into an app.

If you’re looking for a new phone, you should definitely check out the Samsung Galaxy S6 – the camera and variety of apps makes this the perfect phone for an Android loving blogger!

This phone was provided by Three UK for a review period. Three, Samsung, or any representative, did not see this review before it was published, and did not request any specific links, etc.

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