What Is Social Fabric?

What Is Social Fabric? | Bonjour, Blogger!
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A few weeks ago, we were invited to dinner with the Collective Bias team who were visiting the UK, and some members of their UK community to find out a bit more, and thought we’d share with you what we learnt!

Collective Bias is a marketing agency that works closely with bloggers and brands. Their assignments are a bit different to what you’re probably used to doing as a blogger – the reviews don’t just talk about the product, but the shopping experience around it.

The reviewer then produces two pieces of content – for example, a Google + album about the shopping trip to get the product, then a blog post about what they did with the product. Here’s a great example of how this works – Jo at Slummy Single Mummy (who heads up the UK team of Collective Bias) worked with Bombay Sapphire recently – here’s her G+ album about the shopping trip, and here’s the blog post about what she did – she had a gathering with some local mummy blogger friends and they made lots of different cocktails which looks like so much fun!

Being a US company, Collective Bias (or, more specifically, Social Fabric, their blogger community) stresses the importance of disclosure – all posts are expected to be clearly disclosed, and (if you’ve been paying attention to our nofollow post, you’ll know why this is important!) they request that all links are marked as nofollow to keep Google happy – they’re interested in what the reviewer has to say, it’s not just another way to boost their clients SEO ranking!

If this sounds interesting to you, you can fill in this form and hopefully you’ll hear more soon!


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