This post was published 5 years ago. Some things may have changed since then - use the search function to see if anything has been posted since then, or reach out to us on Twitter if you'd like to see a more updated post! is a quick and easy way to create a simple one page website – but why would a blogger want one of those?


Perhaps you’re organising a meet-up, and want a one specific place to point people towards – if there are a few of you working on the meet-up, then having a site that’s separate to any one specific blog is going to be useful for you because it won’t be reliant on one person updating it.

Perhaps you want a place to collate all of your various blog and social media links – if you write for a few sites, you could use a Strikingly page to point to the different places you can be found!

Perhaps you’ve got a little side project going on (maybe a Kickstarter?) and you want somewhere that you can put a bit more information up?


It’s really easy to set up your page – just give it your name, email and chosen password (or log in with Facebook) and you’ll be taken to a screen to choose a layout. Once you’ve chosen one, you’ll go to the editing page, where you just click around to change text, etc – you’ll be shown through a quick tutorial to


Strikingly is free to have one basic site, but if you want to do a little more, then you can pay a monthly subscription.

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