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MacID is one of those apps that you probably wouldn’t have thought of yourself, but once you have it, it’s like “Ah! I can’t not have this now!”

MacID is an app that you install on your iPhone and your Mac – you connect the two, then you’re able to unlock your Mac with your fingerprint (as long as your devices are compatible)


If you’re also an Apple Watch owner, you can unlock your computer with just a tap on the wrist.


You can also set up a tap to unlock pattern with MacID where you tap out a pattern on the touchpad of your laptop instead of having to type in your password, and you can set it to lock and unlock your computer when you (or at least your phone!) are nearby.

MacID can be a little flakey sometimes (not always popping up on your phone when you’re by your computer) but it’s still really useful, especially with the tap to unlock feature. The desktop app is free, and the iPhone app is 79p

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