Keeping Your Resolutions!

Bonjour, Blogger! Keeping Your Resolutions!
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Last year we did a post that rounded up some of the posts from the year, and thought another recap would be just as useful for you guys! It’s been a busy year, and we have another exciting one ahead!

I want to make a positive contribution to the blog community! 
Wow, that’s a big statement! It might seem a bit extreme, but there’s so many ways you can do this, and it can be super simple. From joining in with the Twitter chats (find out when they are!) to hosting your own link up (sharing the blogger love is always a good thing!), it’s not just all about comments (but that’s always fun to do as well!)

I want to blog elsewhere!
There are so many places you could blog, either as a replacement blog, or as a side blog about a topic that you don’t want to put on your own site. Medium is a pretty good place to start, Ghost or maybe Tumblr! This post about switching genres might also be useful

I like to measure things
The most popular form of analytics is Google Analytics but you can also see how much people click and interact with your tweets, see who is talking about you or learn about domain authority which is increasingly being used over Page Rank for determining a bloggers influence. You could also check how fast your website is performing, self hosted bloggers!

I want to find more brands to work with
That’s an easy one to fix! Check out our blog networks page but it’s also worth checking out this post about how to work with brands. There are also Facebook groups out there that are worth joining to hear about more opportunities.

I want to provide information about my blog to brands
You could create your own media kit and embed the PDF on your site, but you could also use something like Fohr Card to do the work for you!

I want to make my e-mail smarter
You could implement an e-mail signature which will help provide useful information to people you’re talking to – perhaps including links to your media kit. If you’re going to be away from your blog for a while, then you could use an out of office to let people who get in contact with you know. It’s always useful to know how to email people to ask them for things as well!

I want to go to/organise more meet-ups!
First, you’ll probably want to check out how to organise an event to get the basics done.
You could use something like Doodle to figure out the right date for everyone, use Eventbrite to find out who is coming, and use Strikingly to build a one page site to collect all the info together in one place. And of course, you could always come to (or maybe even organise?) a #blogclub (or join the virtual one!) Check out this post as well to see whether your gathering needs a goodie bag and then how to put together an awesome goodie bag!

I want to tidy up my online life!
A good place to start is to spring clean your social media, but you could also make sure your about page is up to date, your personal Facebook security is tightened up and you have the perfect Twitter bio.

Time to get started! What are your resolutions?

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