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Introducing: Bloggabase | Bonjour, Blogger! image 2
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One of the things we hear a lot from new bloggers is how do they get noticed by brands and PR agencies who want to send them products to review. There is no magic solution to this but we thought we’d share with you a site that we think might help get you noticed by the right people.


Bloggabase has been started by people who work in PR and who know what a bad blogger pitch looks like. They accept all blogs, and from all genres – their aim is to match up marketers with bloggers with the most suitable pitches. If you’ve ever had an email from a marketing person where you’ve wondered what the flip made them think of your site, you’ll appriciate this quite a bit!

While we have been signed up for a while, we haven’t seen any pitches come via Bloggabase yet – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth signing up. It’s free, and anything that gets your blog out to people who potentially will work with you is a good thing!

Over 3,000 bloggers have signed up with Bloggabase so far – we totally encourage you to sign up as well!


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