Find New Blogging Friends!

OK, so we can’t really find you a new best friend.
But we do know how you can find other bloggers in your area, so you can maybe help you find someone to take your outfit photos with, or just go for a coffee with someone who understands what you’re on about when you start ranting about Google Friend Connect.

The UK Bloggers Map was created in 2011 and so far has over a thousand bloggers listed on there, so even in the deepest depths of the country, there’s sure to be someone nearby.

It’s also super useful if you’re organising a meetup so you can find other bloggers who might be interested in going, or if you’re an event organiser looking for more attendees.

To get your blog listed, simply visit the blogger map page and fill in the form.

Hayley Constantine

Hayley has been blogging since before most people knew what a blog was! She started Bonjour, Blogger! in May 2013 as a way to share her knowledge and experiences - if you ever have a question, get in touch!

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