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eBay wishlist and collection posts are getting more and more popular in blogging, and for good reason, since you can buy almost anything on there! What if there was a way that you could make a small percentage from those links though?

Well, there is! The eBay Partner Network is hidden away on their site, but it’s open to anyone – our account was approved in less than 24 hours, so it wouldn’t hold you up too much if you decided to sign up after creating a blog post.

To sign up, head to publisher.ebaypartnernetwork.com and click the sign up button. It’s a simple form, and you can link your eBay account to your (although your password for the Partner Network would be different)


There are quite a few different tools to help you generate the links for your blog posts, and banner ads if you prefer to use affiliate networks to provide your ads. The link generator is really easy to use – you just need to give it the item number (choose item ID for the link type), which country you want to use (the “program to apply” – we chose eBay UK) and a campaign name/ID (this seems to be so you keep groups of links together – e.g. if you do these blog posts weekly, then you could have a different campaign for each blog post?)


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