Brandbacker is a network for bloggers and vloggers which allows you to build relationships with brands, build your audience and monetise your blog. They offer a way to apply for campaigns

Once you’ve started the sign up, you’ll be asked to put a badge on your site to confirm it’s yours. If you’re not keen on having tons of badges for all the different blogger networks on your home page, then there is an option to have a 1px by 1px image on there to still confirm that it’s your site. If you’re a vlogger, then you have to add the word BrandBacker to your about section – once your ownership is confirmed, then you can remove it from there.

It took about 3 hours for BrandBacker to authorise our account, where they check you’ve got the badge on your site and send you a link to sign up to the site. You’ll then need to provide some details about your site and what you’re happy to do (sponsored posts, reviews, etc)

When you’ve completed all the various details about your site, you’ll be able to browse through opportunities, and request to join campaigns.

Hayley Constantine

Hayley has been blogging since before most people knew what a blog was! She started Bonjour, Blogger! in May 2013 as a way to share her knowledge and experiences - if you ever have a question, get in touch!

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