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Hooray! It’s coming up to the summer holidays, so grab your sunglasses and sunscreen and forget about everything else! As if it was that easy. If you’re the sort of blogger who worries that if they don’t post on their usual days, then all their readers are going to disappear (spoiler: they really won’t!) then this post might be for you.

First (and most importantly) – learn about scheduling posts because they will be your best friend. Writing one extra post each time you blog means that you’ll soon build up a little stash of posts for when you need them. You can find out how to schedule posts on the main blogging platforms in this post.

Using social media to post when a new blog post goes up on the site will also help to drive traffic along to your blog. Either use something that automatically posts (e.g. built in tweets in Jetpack on WordPress, the auto tweets function in Bloglovin’ or use IFTTT to set up to post automatically for you.) or schedule your own tweets in Hootsuite so you can choose when and how many times they post.

There’s always the option to blog from your phone – although try to enjoy yourself! Check out these posts for details of useful apps on iOS and Android.

How do you keep your blog ticking over while you’re on hols?

  • Hope

    Great tips, I am going Interailling soon and taking a 32 litre rucksack for 2 weeks means I can’t lug all my blogging stuff around, so I need to get my scheduling on now. Thanks for the advice!! H xx

    May 13, 2014 at 8:56 am Reply

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