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We’re always looking for the best way to organise blog content planning, but keep coming back to Asana.

Asana is a project management tool which allows you to plan out projects, track tasks and share information with your team. Sounds like it’s a bit more complex than the average blogger needs, but it’s so useful!

Asana allows you to have various teams, projects and tasks – teams are the overall item that covers various projects that you have, then each project has tasks.

The setup we have in Asana has a Team for each major item – in this case, Bonjour, Blogger!, the personal blog and event organisation. From there, each team can have various projects to further split out to-do’s – in the Bonjour, Blogger! team, the projects include “blog post ideas” and various side projects so everything is grouped together, but they don’t interfere with each other.

Under the blog post ideas project, we use the Board layout to be able to move tasks around easily, and then use the due dates feature to be able to plan out future posts (making sure that similar posts get spread out a bit (so you don’t end up with three posts about disclosure in a row) . Tasks can have subtasks in them, and you can have repeating tasks (so if there’s something that you have to do every week, such as scheduling tweets, you can have Asana remind you)

You could also create a project for sponsored posts to keep track of them, and have a section for brands you’d love to pitch to. You could easily collate any relevant information in there (who to approach, any ideas you’d like to suggest to them, etc) and keep track of when to follow up. There are so many ways that you could use Asana to help build your blog!

Another idea for a project that could be useful for you is to have one for Instagram posts, so you can plan out any ideas that you have for posts, and include any sponsored posts that you have.

Since Asana is web based, it’s easily accessible and with the app, you can add to your lists while you’re out and about.

The basic version of Asana is free, which gives you access to all the features above, and allows you to work with up to 15 others (if you’re working on a group blog, then this could be really useful!) If you’ve used Trello before, then you’ll love Asana – there’s more features available under the free tier and it’s much easier to use!

How do you use Asana? Or do you prefer a different project management system?

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