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It feels like perfect timing that as more and more people are complaining about an ad network we’ve posted about in the past, a new ad network appears that’s based in the UK and created by someone who knows what UK bloggers want (because they’ve worked with them in the past for other things) was set up by Emma from Ji Ji Kiki whose beautiful products you’ve probably seen on some of your favourite blogs. She saw a gap in the market that it wasn’t very easy to find blogs to advertise on and so created Adlet.

It’s super simple to get set up with Adlet. Below is the tiny form you’ll need to complete:


Once you’re signed up, you’ll need to provide a few more details about your blog – this is your chance to really sell it! You can also list your social media profiles to show that you have a wide reach.


The Adlet dashboard is easy to use, and pretty simple to get around


At the moment, Adlet only supports image based ads, but they are already looking to expand that into sponsored posts, Facebook statuses and Twitter posts – making your selling experience easier.


Setting up image ads on your blog is easy too – the form might look a little intimidating, but it’s pretty simple once you go through it.


You’ll be able to set up an ad shop on your blog so people wont need to leave your site to be able to buy the ads, and payment is made to you by Paypal

For publishers (i.e. the person who has the adverts on their site), there is no limit to how many sites or ads you can have on your blog, as well as no set up fees or monthly subscriptions. The only cost involved is a 10% fee from each ad sale – this is going to be much more useful to you if you don’t have many ads, or if you don’t sell any in a month.

Will you be switching over to Adlet?


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