April Challenge: Take A Stock Photo Every Day


A while ago, we talked about creating your own stock images for when you need an image for a blog post – it’s so useful to have a collection of images to use in future posts which don’t have any specific pictures to use (e.g. posts when you just want to chat to your readers!). You don’t need to go out anywhere or need any special equipment – the above pic was taken with an iPhone 6 with a few bits from our stationery collection! If you keep a little space clear in the image, it will allow you to add on text later for things like Pinterest or as above, an image to illustrate the post.

If you want to follow along, or even join in, we’ll be posting images to our Instagram account, bonjourblogger, with the hashtag #aprilbbstock.

Hayley Constantine

Hayley has been blogging since before most people knew what a blog was! She started Bonjour, Blogger! in May 2013 as a way to share her knowledge and experiences - if you ever have a question, get in touch!

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