How Often Should You Post?

For a long time, many bloggers (including us!) believed that the way to build your blog was to post daily. However you’ll find it difficult to find a daily blogger around any more because who has the time with so many other things to do? Instagram and Instagram Stories have become a huge part of many bloggers strategies in building up their following.

We dropped down to publishing three times a week because it felt like we were just churning out posts for the sake of hitting the daily target. Posting daily also became demotivating and meant that our readers weren’t able to read everything as quickly as it was posted! Even with a reduction in posts, using an editorial calendar helped to keep us on track with when to post.

We asked on Twitter how often you guys post, and here are the results!

What do you think is the most ideal amount to post on your blog? How did you decide on this schedule?

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