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Loved this post by Michelle at Life Outside London – what her Google searches this week say about her. Too funny!


Nicole at Writes Like A Girl is doing a 30 x 30 this month – choose 30 pieces of clothing, and wear only those items over 30 days. An interesting challenge, especially if you’re a fashion blogger – it makes you think about your wardrobe a lot more!


One of our favourite beauty bloggers, Zoey blogged about her eyebrow routine at Daisy Gin – really tempted to go and buy the new Benefit Gimme Brows!


Lyzi at Being Little is doing another month of her #blcreativeprompts again – it’s not just restricted to the artists out there, if you’re more of a writer, you could still take part!


Elizabeth at Rosalilium blogged about a new instant camera – can’t be just us that misses their old Polaroid camera?


Lucy at Oh Hello Face wrote about last weeks Bristol Fashion Week which is held up at Cribbs Causeway, and is one of the bigger fashion events in the south west.


A Thrifty Mrs wrote about how you can possibly sell your beautiful Instagram photos and make a little bit of money – if you’ve got a good eye for a snap, then why not look into this?


Another post that made us laugh was this one on Little Winter – the trials and tribulations of being a blogger boyfriend. We’re sure you’re guilty of a few of these as well!


Kim Lawler Creative talked about not quitting your day job, which was refreshing to read, when you’re surrounded by people talking about going freelance or blogging full time, it seems very tempting to just give up the 9-5.


One of our favourite lifestyle blogs, House of Humble wrote about making their own beer – how exciting!

Here on Bonjour, Blogger!, you may have missed… how to change your RSS feed from a partial one to a full feed, how to find out where a username has been registered (useful if you’re starting a new blog or changing blog names), where to store files online, the do’s and don’t’s of Instagram and finally, how to publish your own book on Kindle which was much requested.

  • Chess

    Love this post! Really enjoyed the catch up and also love finding new blogs! Thumbs up! I think my favourite has to be ‘My week with Google’, genius! x

    April 5, 2014 at 8:49 pm Reply

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